What is Friends of Pets?

The event gives the opportunity for a professional meeting of manufacturers, retailers and distributors of pet product range and other fans of pets who are interested in current trends in this market. While the morning program is dedicated to the news and changes in the pet offer for consumers, the afternoon programme will be divided into two practical workshops that will bring tips and tools, how small and big retailers can organize their offer better and sell more.

What is it going to be about in 2022

The main topic of this year is: One should not skimp on friends?

Retail is facing challenges of increasing inputs and operation costs. Customers´ purchase power is decreasing. How does this situation affect pet business, the one which has been connected with humanization and premium brands growth lately. And will the strategic projects as retail digitalization, manufacture automation or sustainability resist in this hostile conditions? Creativity and future oriented perspective will be the key ones to overcome these times, because one should not skim on friend, or should s/he?

Who are the typical participants?

  • Retailers selling petfood and other pet assortment, whether they are generalists, specialists, large supermarkets, hobby markets, small pet stores or e-shops

  • Producers of petcare assortment

  • Buyers, Category Managers or Brand Managers of pet products

  • Service suppliers to this sector, including logistics, design, veterinary care, etc.

  • Experts, media representatives