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How customer behaves in retail in the time of increasing prices

Rita Vachková, Senior Consultant, NielsenIQ

Czech retail market is experiencing big changes. How does current turbulent environment affect the sales in Czech retail? What and how do we shop for our pets?

Has inflation affected our love towards animals? Shopping for pets on internet during the oncoming economic crisis

Martin Slavětínský, Data Analyst, Heureka Group

How has customer behavior with respect to their pets changed over the past year? Have the recent months of the economic crisis disrupted pet products sale on the internet? And do we do more beekeeping or aquaristics? Data, statistics, trends and a comprehensive view of whether the pet segment copies the curves of the entire e-commerce.

Pets forecast

Ondřej Kubesa, Chief of Business and Marketing, Sluno

Can production be controlled by volume of consumption? What will it bring to trade and logistics? We will show the real use of forecasting in the entire chain from production to consumers.

From dog and cat foods to building of relationship, health and pet care

Štefan Sarvaš, Director Growth Legacy, Mars

What are the limits of dog and cat foods sales? The importance of premium brands and the way of premiumization. Are premium brand buyers really loyal and do discounts recruit or they just devalue the market? It's not just about the feed, but about the relationship between the owners and their pets. From foods and treats to holistic care of our pets.

Implementation of sustainability into long term strategy

Karolína Čápová, Head of Product, VAFO Praha

The emphasis on sustainability is already an integral part of new product development. How to implement sustainability into long-term goals properly and avoid greenwashing? How to convince the customer about the need to choose environmentally friendly products?

INTERVIEW: Dive in aquascaping

Vladimír Tomek, Top Czech Aquascaper

Natural aquariums or an art with its own philosophy. The trend that should not be overseen neither by manufacturers or retailers and closer look on it with a top expert in the area.

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When emotions are not enough

Vojtěch Prokeš, Research Director, Behavio Labs

On selected ads targeted at pet owners, we will show that emotions are only one component of a successful and effective advertising campaign. Up to 80% of clients do not use advertising budget effectively. However, it is possible to significantly increase its impact by following a few basic principles.

By rational marketing towards courageous campaign

Tomáš Bajtler, Head of Marketing, PetCenter

Being different and courageous in communication is always a big risk on the Czechoslovak market, because our customer is a much bigger traditionalist and conservative who clings to things he knows, compared to the American one, for example. Different marketing must be bold, rational and data-based. Both on hard and soft data, from which a courageous creative way to meet business goals is formed. All this is possible only if you have the right team of enthusiastic and motivated colleagues and experts, without whom everything would be left on paper only.

Pets and social media

Nicola Husníková, Head of Social Media, Marketup

Why to invest in social media communication? What attracts the best? How to achieve efficient and meaningful results? Inspiration by interesting examples from practice.

How to launch new product on market successfully

MVDr. Tomáš Posekaný, Ambassador of Vets, tlappka
Pavlína Rochová, Co-founder, tlappka

A new trend that comes from the West, however, it is not new in Europe. More and more pet owners want complex "wellness" care and to have their veterinarian available 24/7. How is the situation in Czech Republic and how many puppies were registered in the Czech Republic in 2021? What millennials want and how we did a fakedoor campaign to find out their needs.

INTERVIEW: What is your relationship with vendor based on?

Aleš Mriša, CEO, Pejskovice

What importance does your brand and what the business skills of our sales manager while dealing with the vendor? What expectations does vendor have from mutual cooperation with manufacturers and distributors. Perspective of owner of four successful pet stores and an e-shop.

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Topics that will be discussed during the conference day from perspectives of different stakeholders.

Chair: Patricia Jakešová, Retail Expert


Jiří Franz, Category Manager – non food, Rohlík
Martin Hadraba, Sales & Purchasing Division Director,
Martin Novotný, Retail Manager, PetCenter
Michal Babka, Owner, Dokonalá Láska
Milan Bartoš, Head of Sales, VAFO Praha
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